The left makes no census

2020. The Census. Conservatives and voter integrity advocates need to keep a keen eye on their own census forms and the census takers hired in their local communities. This piece from Michelle Malkin, although from last April, is the best commentary on potential problems we can find as 2020 Census forms begin to arrive in our mailboxes. Elected Democrats, the media and George Soros are already wallpapering the country with untruths about the Census, namely, that asking a person living in the United States whether he or she is a citizen is “racist.” Unfortunately, they won in the short term. What that means in practice, is that communities with a large number of foreign nationals, legal and illegal, can skew the result of the Census, and in turn, affect the balance of Congress by non-citizens. There is great detail in Michelle’s article, and great quotes that make the importance of clean census results abundantly clear. Read this piece, share it with your friends, and fill out YOUR census form.

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The President Could Still Put Citizenship on the 2020 Census

7/4: The 14th amendment to the Constitution could offer President Trump the legal reasoning he needs to include the citizenship question on the 2020 census without going against the SCOTUS ruling.

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Gerrymandering Symposium: Janus-Like Judicial Restraint in Political Gerrymanders and the Census

6/28: Supreme Court precedent is clear that “a jurisdiction may engage in constitutional political gerrymandering” and that “political considerations are inseparable from districting and apportionment.”

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Spakovsky: Will Supreme Court Ruling Force Trump to Seek Delay of 2020 Census?

6/27: ACRU Policy Board Member Hans von Spakovsky reports on why the President might have to delay the 2020 census because the Supreme Court failed to decisively rule on the census citizenship question.

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