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The ACRU Files Supreme Court Amicus Brief in Critical Redistricting Case

Civil rights group contends plaintiffs lack standing by failing to meet basic standards for action under the Constitution and voting rights law. Washington, DC.  The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), joined by the Southeastern Legal Foundation, has filed an amicus brief in favor of the defendants in the North Carolina redistricting case, Rucho v. Common Cause, to be heard by the Supreme Court on March 26. The ACRU strongly disputes the claim that the 2010 North Carolina redistricting plan is unconstitutional after the plaintiffs, Common Cause and a number of North Carolina Democrats, contested its legality. “The text of the First Amendment says nothing about voting,” argues the brief against the complaint that the redistricting map, drawn by duly elected majority Republican members of the North Carolina House Redistricting Committee, is unconstitutional. Other Amendments do protect voting against discrimination because of race, gender, age, or poll taxes, none of which are affected by political gerrymandering. “The North Carolina district court that upheld the claims of the plaintiffs was wrong on all counts,” claims attorney John J. Park on behalf of the ACRU. “Established law, federal and state, is clear that redistricting is the responsibility of the legislative branch, and an incursion…

Blackwell: Voter Fraud Hurts America

12/27: ACRU’s Policy Board member and senior fellow Ken Blackwell explains why Florida’s election integrity problems have tarnished America’s reputation and how ACRU is fighting to keep our elections safe.

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