New Mexico Legislator Seeks New Voter ID Law

ALBUQUERQUE - A state legislator is pushing for voter identification requirements in New Mexico. Cities and state around the country have enacted voter ID legislation. It's required in Albuquerque during city elections, and people in Hobbs recently passed a similar law. "Anybody who's not voting accurately by who they say they are, that's too many," Republican Rep. James Smith told KRQE News 13. Smith filed a bill that would require voters to produce government-issued photo IDs with some exceptions. People who don't bring their ID could still vote if they gave a social security number and date of birth. Smith's proposal would change not only how you vote in person, but also by mail. "This bill covers absentee ballots as well, where you have to prove who you are over absentee ballots and if there is a place for voter fraud, it's more likely in the absentee or the registration than it is in in person voting," Smith said.