California Representative Pushes H.R. 1 Legislation

12/1: Representative-elect Katie Hill spoke about H.R. 1, which would promote automatic voter registration, gerrymandering legislation, and expanding the Voting Rights Act.

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ACRU Files Amicus Brief in Alabama Voter ID Case

4/10: The ACRU filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Greater Birmingham Ministries v. Merrill, arguing that the appeals court should hold that Alabama’s voter-ID law is permitted by the federal Voting Rights Act.

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Judge Upholds Alabama Voter ID Law in Win for Common Sense

1/17: A federal judge in Alabama has thrown out a lawsuit against the state’s voter ID law, finding that the law doesn’t prevent anyone from voting.

One Of America’s Key Voting Laws Is About To Face A Big Test At The Supreme Court

1/9: A case at the high court could have big implications for how aggressively states can remove voters from their rolls.

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Texas County ‘Concealing’ Noncitizen Voter Records, Says Group

1/3: A public interest watchdog put one Texas County on notice for failing to disclose noncitizen registered voter records, the group says.

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