Redistricting; reapportionment, we can’t call the whole thing off

If you sometimes are befuddled by the intersection of the census, redistricting and reapportionment—what each means, how they all talk to each other—don’t feel bad; it is confusing. This article uses Pennsylvania as a demonstration of what census numbers mean for redistricting (“how areas will be divided into districts based on the number of seats a state has”) and reapportionment (“the process of deciding how many seats a state will have in the House of Representatives based on changes in population.”) Things that don’t need explanation: census collection will be infiltrated by liberal activists looking to skew Congressional districts in their favor.

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Gingrich Advises Republicans Not to Take Obama’s Gerrymandering Initiative Seriously

8/28: Former speaker of the house New Gingrich is saying that Obama's anti-gerrymandering initiative is a partisan crusade that shouldn't be taken seriously.

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