By Victor Fiorello

It seems like every time there is an election in Philadelphia, there are allegations of shenanigans soon to follow, with the good ol’ saying “vote early and vote often” being a staple of our democratic process. But one group isn’t waiting until after the April 26th primary to cry foul. They’ve already filed a lawsuit.

The Virginia-based is the right wing’s answer to the left’s American Civil Liberties Union. Founded by late Reagan administration advisor Robert Carleson and with a board that includes anti-porn and anti-drug crusader Edwin Meese, the ACRU has gone to court against Obamacare and in favor of gun owners and the formerly anti-gay Boy Scouts. And now the ACRU has come to Philadelphia with some pointed questions about our voter registration numbers.

ACRU filed a federal lawsuit against the City Commissioners Office, the municipal body in charge of our elections, claiming that it hasn’t bothered to respond to a January letter that the organization sent demanding access to voter registration records here. The ACRU says the letter was sent by certified mail, and in failing to reply, ACRU maintains that the city is in violation of the National Voter Registration Act.