The Alaska House has approved a bill calling for the state to share voter information with other states in an effort to deter voter fraud.

Representatives voted 36-3 Saturday afternoon to approve Senate Bill 9, one of many items of legislation considered by the Alaska House and Alaska Senate on the 89th day of the Legislative session.

The Electronic Registration Information Center is a project of several states and supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts. As of December 2015, 15 states participated in the information-sharing program, including Republican-leaning ones like Alabama and Democratic-leaning ones like Oregon.

“ERIC is a proven model that works,” said Rep. Dan Saddler, R-Eagle River and the bill’s prime sponsor in the House.

Rep. Sam Kito III, D-Juneau, spoke up in support. In a speech on the House floor, he explained how one Juneau woman, attending college Outside, was encouraged to register to vote at the college when she couldn’t remember if she had previously registered in Alaska.

“By registering again, she lost her eligibility for her Permanent Fund Dividend,” Kito said. “It’s important for us to be able to share information with other states.”

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