ALEXANDRIA VA (May 12, 2017) — President Trump’s creation of a blue ribbon panel to investigate weaknesses in America’s election systems is “necessary and long overdue,” said (ACRU) Chairman and CEO Susan A. Carleson. “Vote fraud is a cancer on our democratic system.”

The ACRU, which has successfully sued to clean up voter rolls in counties in Texas and Mississippi and is litigating in Philadelphia and in Broward County, Florida, is a leader in the fight against vote fraud.

Among the appointees to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is Ken Blackwell, an ACRU Senior Fellow and Policy Board member who was Ohio Secretary of State and Mayor of Cincinnati.

“We are honored to be represented on the president’s commission by Ken, who is a tireless and articulate advocate for election integrity,” Carleson said. “Vice President Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach are serious men who will get the job of restoring confidence in our elections done.

“The stakes are enormous here. The very notion of self-government is at risk when vote fraudsters are free to corrupt our elections,” Carleson said. “The only way to stop vote fraud is to prevent it in the first place with common-sense measures to ensure only eligible citizens get registered and then vote.”

As part of the campaign to halt vote fraud and establish sound public policies such as photo voter ID laws, the ACRU recently launched the Voting Integrity Institute (VII), at

The ACRU’s policy board is a Who’s Who of election experts, including former Attorney General Edwin Meese, former Justice Department Voting Section attorney J. Christian Adams and former Federal Election Commissioner Hans von Spakovsky.

“Vote fraud is a serious crime,” Carleson said. “We now have a president who understands the grave threat posed by the problem and is doing something about it.”