WBAL Radio
November 17, 2017

A federal jury has convicted a man. They just don’t know who… and neither do prosecutors.

“John Doe,” as listed in court records, was convicted of passport fraud, Social Security fraud, aggravated identity theft and two counts of voter fraud in federal court in Baltimore, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors presented evidence that the defendant lived under the assumed identity of a citizen born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, going by the name Cheyenne Moody Davis or aliases like Chris or Richie.

Beginning in the summer of 1997, the defendant used the victim’s personally identifiable information to get a number of driver’s licenses and identification cards, including a Maryland state ID and numerous Maryland driver’s licenses. He used these documents as the basis for a passport, a Social Security card and voter registration. He voted in 2016, prosecutors said.

He faces up to 27 years when he’s sentenced on Feb. 23, and remains in the custody of U.S. marshals.

Anyone with information on the defendant’s true identity is asked to email the State Department at DS_WFO_TIPS@state.gov. He’s 41 to 44 years old and five feet eight inches tall, with light brown eyes. The Diplomatic Security Service believes he may be from Antigua, Barbuda, the Dominican Republic, Haiti or Jamaica. Evidence prosecutors say was presented at trial showed he has a Jamaican accent. The State Department says he would have been 20 to 25 years old when he left his native country around June of 1997. More information is available on the State Department’s website.

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