January 16, 2018 | The Washington Times
By Stephen Dinan

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tamped down on claims her department is going to pursue an investigation into voter fraud, saying Tuesday that her role will be limited to assisting states looking to weed out their own voter lists.

President Trump earlier this month canceled his voter fraud commission and asked Homeland Security to pick up some of the work. Republican commissioners had said they expected Ms. Nielsen to take on the work they started of using government data to figure out how many non-citizens are registered and, in some cases, actually casting ballots.

But the new secretary told Congress on Tuesday that’s not her goal.

She said if states come to her department and ask for help, they already offer assistance, and will continue to do that. But she downplayed a broader role.

“The larger question of voter fraud, some of that, if the findings are such, exist within the Department of Justice,” she said.

Ms. Nielsen said there’s currently a “voluntary system” that states can use to ask the federal government for assistance if they want to check whether someone is “appropriately registered for federal elections.”