Last-minute insertions into the Senate’s Coronavirus relief bill by House Democrats would impose permanent changes to election protocols that will encourage and protect vote fraud.

At ACRU, we think it is critically important for all our friends and supporters to understand the seriousness of what is at stake should Nancy Pelosi’s provisions pass Congress.

Demands in the bill include 15 consecutive days of early voting, making absentee voting universal, prohibiting “identification to obtain an absentee ballot,” allowing “another person” to drop off unlimited absentee ballots, ensuring provisional ballots are always counted (rendering them no longer “provisional”), and providing “blank” (no printed name) absentee ballots to citizens and military overseas.

These changes alter the entire face of American elections and destroy the nation’s ability to maintain the security of voting and the individual preferences of voters.

If these amendments pass, vote thieves can order a pile of absentee ballots with fictitious names and turn them all in at their local polling stations. It makes “ballot harvesting” federal law, so political operatives can now collect ballots from institutional settings and individuals and make sure the ballots are cast for the candidate of the operatives’ choice.

Ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing do not protect Americans from COVID-19, nor do they ensure that the millions of Americans now out of work because of this virus are able to pay their bills.

A laundry list of other harmful, leftist, costly provisions added to the bill by Democrats such as a post office bailout, enormous funding packages for the arts, and hundreds of millions for “Migration and Refugee Assistance” at a time when our borders should be locked up tight are an appalling abuse of taxpayer’s money, time and health.

But the legislative undermining of America’s free and fair elections by one of our major political parties could bring about a progressive tyranny from which we may never recover.

This is not a partisan issue, and should not be a partisan debate. It is inhumane, immoral and the most extreme example of political selfishness ever demonstrated in the United States.

We hope that everyone in the ACRU family of concerned citizens will make every effort to share this information within their circle of family and friends, and contact their elected representatives immediately to let them know we stand for election integrity even if many elected officials do not.