Election integrity recently won pivotal battle against attempt to hijack the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA) but HR4 Looms Large

Naples, FL American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) Policy Board member, Ken Blackwell has written an op ed which explains how the DNC failed to hijack the Voting Rights Act of 1965 when the Supreme Court in Brnovich v. DNC laid a foundation to restore Americans’ confidence in their elections so that everywhere in this nation it can be easy to vote, but hard to cheat.

According to Blackwell:

“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their Democratic National Committee attempted to twist that critically important civil rights law into a tool of the Far Left. They tried, and now they’ve failed before the highest court in the land. Democrats sued Arizona in federal court over a state law that did not allow ballot harvesting by political activists, and a policy requiring voters to cast Election Day ballots at their assigned precinct. On July 1, the Supreme Court in Brnovich v. DNC held that those Arizona requirements do not violate Section 2 of VRA because they do not make it harder overall for blacks or other racial minorities to vote.”

“Every voting rule imposes a burden of some sort,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in Brnovich. “Mere inconvenience cannot be enough” to run afoul of VRA’s requirement that the election process be equally open to all racial groups, because otherwise most voting laws would be illegal.

Blackwell continues:

“Lawmakers are never blind to politics in their own elections. Some legislators might think that a particular election law might benefit one party more than another, and Democrats argued in court that some Republican lawmakers’ votes for Arizona’s law made that statute racist. But Alito rejected that, saying that seeking partisan advantage is not the same as discriminating against a voter because of race. That last point has not gotten the attention it deserves. It’s insulting to argue that any measure that might – and I emphasize might – help Republicans must therefore discriminate against black Americans. It’s insulting because it’s patronizing to think that black voters automatically support Democrats when given a true choice.”

“Free and fair elections is a fundamental principle we must protect,” notes ACRU President Lori Roman. “That’s why the American Constitutional Rights Union joined this fight, filing an Amicus Brief in support of the court’s ultimate ruling. Why does the left continue to oppose the basic election integrity tenet of ‘Easy to vote, hard to cheat?’ We’re pleased the Supreme Court has taken a stand to preserve one of our most fundamental rights.”

The fact remains: The Left didn’t just lose a battle in Brnovich; they lost their battle plan for every fight they were going to wage on this front. In other words: Biden and his Democrats have lost the war to stop election integrity. This is a battle that will cost them the war.


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