Citizen Call to Action

  • Make sure you are registered to vote, and then VOTE!
  • Help friends, family and like-minded neighbors get registered to vote. They can find out how at
  • Volunteer to work in a voter registration drive — check with your local church or civic group to find out when and where.
  • Help verify voter registration lists and look for fraud through
  • You can report suspected vote fraud to your local or state election board.
  • Volunteer to help your favorite candidate by making phone calls or canvassing neighborhoods.
  • Volunteer with your local party to be an election official or a poll watcher.
  • On election day, volunteer to drive friends and family to the polls or to watch their children while they go to vote.
  • Check out to find out if your state has a photo ID law. If it doesn’t, urge your legislators to enact one!