January 4, 2018 | High Plains Public Radio
By Celia Llopis-Jepsen

A federal judge tossed aside some testimony Kobach had hoped to present in his long-running contention that voter fraud is commonplace. . . . Evidence thrown out Wednesday by a U.S. District Court judge in Kansas included some testimony from [ACRU’s] Hans von Spakovsky, another member of Trump’s voter fraud commission.

The court said von Spakovsky lacks direct knowledge or academic training related to some of his claims, including that a survey shows Kobach’s citizenship law isn’t a burden on voters. . . .

Yet over the ACLU’s objections, von Spakovsky will testify on other matters related to voter fraud. And Kobach will get to keep expert testimony from Jesse Richman, a political science professor at Old Dominion University in Virginia.

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