Washington, DC—-The (ACRU) has submitted a map to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which by all accounts is superior to all other submitted maps. ACRU drew this map using only the court-ordered traditional criteria for drawing maps in cases of redistricting. No voter registration or any other political data was used at any time in the creation of this map. In addition, the map was drawn using mathematically determined apportionment for representative districts that keeps whole as many municipalities, townships, and counties as possible.

In explaining the value of this map, ACRU attorney, Ken Klukowski said, “ACRU is highly optimistic about the map we have drawn. We are confident that our map is superior to any other map that has been submitted, because we used only the traditional criteria, which was ordered by the court. In fact, I believe our map is the only map that keeps Lancaster, Bucks, Chester and Delaware counties whole. I would argue that if you put ours up against any other map out there, our map would be the best choice from a purely objective standpoint, because it is purely objective.”

In addition to keeping a large number of counties whole, the ACRU map keeps Pittsburgh in a district wholly contiguous with its immediate suburbs, makes Erie the anchor of a Northwest district, and does not break up multiple counties in consideration of uniting county seats.

The ACRU is hopeful that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will appreciate the objective, non-political nature of the ACRU map and will present it to the court-selected special master for consideration.

Read the full brief here.