BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules on Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday to strike down President Joe Biden's Wuhan coronavirus vaccine mandate for private businesses. Justices upheld his executive order requiring vaccination for healthcare workers at facilities receiving federal funding.

2022-01-13T20:14:47+00:00January 13th, 2022|Crisis Tyrants, News|

New Jersey’s Needs a Civil Rights Lesson: No mask? No Vote!

Talk about voter suppression... New Jersey Governor Philip D. Murphy: ‘I think if you refuse to wear a mask, we’re not letting you in. It’s that simple.’ The NJ governor needs a refresher on civil rights as he's treating American's most fundamental civil rights like privileges. Will his tyrannical thinking expand to vaccinations?

2021-05-01T12:01:53+00:00May 1st, 2021|Crisis Tyrants, Elections, Front Page, News|


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