The media’s greatest power is the power to ignore

Sixty-two percent of Americans believe voting by mail increases fraud. So we reviewed mainstream media vote fraud stories and found nearly every story started with, “GOP to fight voter fraud that doesn’t exist.” The bias willingly ignores fraud despite reams of evidence. Author Gore Vidal once quipped, “Half the American people never read a newspaper. Half never vote for President — the same half?” Glad you read the EIB.

A citizen’s reminder: absentee ballots have not gone extinct

We are grateful to Mr. Brian Glass of Virginia, who points out in clear prose; 1. A list of confirmed cases of mail-in vote fraud; and 2. The difference between universal mail-in ballots and intentionally requesting an absentee ballot. Yes, we all know this, but sometimes the obvious things are lost in the debate. Everyone in America can still request an absentee ballot. With their name on it. That comes to their actual house.

Vote collection mobiles should be relegated to bad Saturday Night Live skits

This is one of those moments when there’s not much we can say other than, “click, look at the picture, and ask, ‘what can possibly go wrong?’” Not to offend modern day VW owners, but the original Volkswagen was a product of fascism. This Philadelphia "voteswagen" plays right back into that history of tyrannical government trampling liberty by making a mockery of safe and secure elections. With wheels.

Automatic voter registration adds another group of ineligibles

States with automatic voter registration systems (18 + DC) keep registering inedible voters on a daily basis, or so it seems. They call it an “accident” or a "glitch.” Last year Illinois registered 570 individuals—foreign nationals applying for drivers licenses—to vote. These 570 people even checked “no” on the citizen box. Now Illinois has admitted another problem—it’s registering 16 year old new drivers to vote. We suggest it might want to add an “I’m just a kid box.” Or event better, stop connecting getting an ID with getting to vote.

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Attorney General Candidate Proposes Automatic Voter Registration in Montana

9/6: Democratic attorney general candidate Raph Graybill has promised that if elected he will push for an automatic voter registration program in Montana.

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Automatic Voter Registration Opposed by Election Assistance Commission Chair

8/14: Election Assistance Commission chairwoman Christy McCormick argued that automatic voter registration violated the First Amendment and endangered election security.

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Nevada Works to Ensure Noncitizens Won’t Vote After Passing Automatic Registration Bill

7/24: Nevada says it's working on a system that will prevent noncitizens from voting after passing an Automatic Registration Bill.

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